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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I retrieve my card?
If clicking on the link doesn't work, there are two other things you can try.

  1. Copy and paste the link into your browser. To do this, highlight the link with your mouse, then hit Ctrl-C. Open your browser and click in the area where you would type a URL (http:// and whatever comes after it). Hit Ctrl-V. This should put the URL in that space. Now hit enter. This should take you to your card.
  2. If copying and pasting didn't work, go to http://cards.heartlight.org/pickup. Go to the bottom of the page and you should see a small window with the words "Get the card!" under it. In that window, type in the last 7 digits of the link that you received in your email. This is often a mix of letters and numbers, but if there is an "&" sign in the address, do not include it or anything after it. Click on the button to get your card, and it will take you there!

When I try to retrieve my card I get an error! What should I do?
If you've received an Internal Server error, a "Page can't be displayed" error, or any other type of error except for a "No Card" error when trying to access your card, please try to retrieve it again.

If you received a "No Card" message, please copy the end part of your URL (copy the last 14 digits; if there is an & sign in the address, do not include it or anything after it) and proceed to http://cards.heartlight.org/pickup, enter that into the retrieval code box and press the button.

If you still can't find it, the card may be older than 30 days and may have been deleted.

How can I send an e-card through your service?
To send one of our cards, begin by going to http://cards.heartlight.org and clicking on the category of your choice. Once you're in the correct category, click on the card that you'd like to send. This will take you to a larger picture of the card along with a form where you can fill out information like the recipient's email address, your email address, and the message you'd like to go along with the card. After you've filled out the information, click on the button to send the card. If everything goes well and your email address was entered properly, you'll receive a notification both when the card is created and when it is opened by the recipient.

My friend only has email access. How can she retrieve a Greeting Card?
Since our Greeting Cards are located on one of our website's servers, the only way to get them is by accessing the website. I'd recommend having your friend check with their local library or a community computer lab. Many times these are wonderful resources to use when you want to check something out on the net.

Your program keeps telling me that the email address I'm typing in is invalid, but I know it's right! What should I do?
Double-check and make sure you aren't accidentally putting a blank space before or after the email address when you type it in. If you're still having trouble sending your card, please let us know.

When I go to retrieve my card, I can hear the music but no card is there! Why does this happen?
Most of the time when this problem occurs, it just means that you've checked your card at a time when our servers were extremely busy so that the card didn't have a chance to load properly. The best thing to do is go back and try checking for your card another time when the servers may be less busy. If you still can't see the card, try switching browsers (if you're using Netscape switch to IE, and if you're using IE switch to Netscape). Different browsers handle the media player a little differently, so one may be able to pick it up when the other can't.

I like being able to add music to cards, but isn't there more contemporary music that you could use?
We do plan to update the selections at some point in the future. Currently, due to licensing & royalty uncertainty, we've only used public domain hymns. As we go forward, we are actively looking to make our selections more contemporary.

Why can't I hear any music on the card that I received?
There are several possibilities why the music may not be playing:

  1. It's possible that the creator of the card did not choose to add music to the card.
  2. Check to make sure your speakers are plugged in, turned on, and turned up loud enough.
  3. Does your sound card support MIDI music? (most do, but some don't)
  4. Does your web browser support MIDI music? (most modern ones do, but some older ones don't)

I'm not sure if my card went through. Can you check on it for me and resend it if it didn't go through yet?
Since the Greeting Card process is automated, it is taken care of completely by our servers. This protects the privacy of people sending and receiving cards, since email addresses cannot be seen by anyone this way. Unfortunately, it also means that we cannot go in to check on or resend cards for people.



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